WHat if i don’t know how to pose?

Babe, you’re not supposed to know how. That’s my job. You bring your game and I bring mine. I need you to be willing to try, arch, bend, and toss. I’ll take care of direction, timing, lighting, and composition. Rest your beautiful hear. But maybe do a couple stretches when you’re changing. The more limber the better.

How long does it take to receive the art pieces?

It takes two weeks to receive your art pieces once they have been paid in full, and ordered. All orders are done at your reveal, one week after your shoot. You’ll select your favorite images and narrow down your selections to those you want to see printed in art pieces. After you finalize your order, I will worth the producers to create your art piece. When the pieces are complete, they will ship directly to your address. And then I’ll beg you to FaceTime me for the unboxing because it’s like Christmas and I love watching people open gifts they are going to absolutely fricken LOVE. (You don’t have to call me, but lady, I’m telling you that you’re biggest cheerleader will be me so I’m just going to hope with all my might that you do!)

How will I know what to do?

Easy, as soon as I get to talk to your pretty self, we will start the booking process and into snail mail will go the most pretty welcome booklet you ever did see. In this bible, of sorts, there is literally every single thing you should know about your shoot. And some funny stories that I’ve collected along the way. This is a full FULL experience, where we will create truly iconic imagery. We aren’t leaving anything to chance, and I sure as heck am not going to leave you stranded. I’m going to be wooing you from day one. K?

when should i book my session?


What' exactly is the photo reveal?

The reveals happen in person, or in person via technology. I have to be sitting with you or FaceTiming you while you are inundated with image after image after IMAGE of yourself in shapes you ain’t never seen your body do. We start off by going through the product suite 5th Boudoir offers and as we move to seeing your images for the first time, you’ll be able to start envisioning the art pieces you can see in your home. You’ll be in so much love with your options, you won’t know which to pick. But trust me when I tell you I will not lead you astray. Bring anyone you’d like to the reveal to help you decide and, as always, I’ll be there right along side you to help guide and explain. This is an incredible investment in not only art, but an investment into your mindset and emotional well-being. Do not underestimate the power of seeing yourself and wanting to look like that, which is YOU!

Your reveal is the opportunity to purchase print and digital images. After you leave, the ordering window closes and the order is placed, with payment due at the time of ordering. When our reveal date (our date two!) is complete, off me and the little editing elves go to perfect your shots. They will be delivered to you within two weeks of your reveal. Bam and bam.

how do i know which art pieces are for me?

I think of selecting boudoir art, much like I select other beautiful art or decor. I imaging pieces that will tell a story, withstand trend changes, and represent an iconic time in my life. I always recommend choosing printed art over digital files. Digital files will inevitably sit in their digital jail and likely never see the light of day. If you’re looking to post your images online, you’ll likely post them just once and as days go by they’ll find themselves in the purgatory of your feed never to be seen again. That seems exquisitely and sadly lame. Why do this to yourself? Instead, imagine the creation of a printed art piece. An enlargement, subtly hinting at you, but with a touch of mystery. “Is that you?” Friends would need to ask. Because nobody is bold enough to celebrate themselves, right? Wrong. You are. 120 women a year are. Every last one of my clients gawks at the enlargements and finds a perfect place for one in their home. What do they do with it? They walk by it every. single. day and are inspired by who THEY are. A legend. OMG, I’m dying right now. Please! Book your shoot so I can show you what you look like on camera in a way you have NEVER seen.

how much do you edit out?

Beautiful, beautiful lady. Please don’t let your mind be burdened with worry. You are gorgeous. For all open skin the editing elves use a light buff on it in post-processing. We will take good care of you for any temp issues like a scratch or bruise. But two rules, story telling things like scars, born-with birthmarks, tattoos, and piercings are not edited. That said, if you do have a special request that goes beyond standard editing, please tell me and I will happily provide a custom edit quote for you! (My secret guess: I bet you’ll be so in love with what you see…that you won’t even ask).


How soon can i see my images?

This is kind of meant to be a surprise, but since we’re sharing, proofs for your private reveal will be ready in one week! Oh my god, do you have any idea how amazing reveals are?

How many outfits should i bring?

Oooh, this is an extra good question. Part of the experience, is the styling you go through. After you look through the wardrobe guide, shop around for your favorite pieces. Bring your top 6 in, and we will style it for your private editorial shoot. Together, you and I will match each piece to your personality so we tell the exact story you want to represent your badass, iconic self.

does anyone purchase the digital images?

Of course! I offer a digital portfolio as part of my product suite. Digital files start at $550 with the purchase of any art piece.

is there a difference between ordering from 5th Boudoir or or ordering from a lab of my choice?

Am I allowed to be a little blunt here, just for a second? ABSOLUTELY! (Thank you for allowing me to be honest.) As photographers, we can’t forget to educate our clients on what they are investing in. If you feel unsure about the difference between an art piece purchased through 5th Boudoir and a product from an average online mega vendor that sells to consumers, I am not doing my job.

Companies like those linked to department stores or that handle large volume photo product sales directly to consumers are typically focusing on simple quality products mass produced by machines operated by individuals untrained in art piece creation. These facilities do not have the resourcing (due to the low cost of their products) to ensure they are quality products that will withstand time. They typically do not cross calibrate their machines and they do not inspect each product individually. Not because they are bad companies, but because they cannot afford to do so due to the price point at which they offer their products. Art pieces ordered through 5th Boudoir are carefully created by professional craftspeople in North America. Calibration of equipment, color correction, and archival quality are elements that are taken very seriously by both me and them. We are creating something that will last for years to come, if care for properly, that can be passed from generation to generation. Imagine what it would be like if your grandmother shared with you a tasteful pinup photo of her 60 years ago. It would be beautiful to you. Beautiful to touch the product. Beautiful to see your grandmother in that way. Beautiful that she respected you as a woman to share that with you. If grandma handed it to you on a floppy disk, what on earth would you do with it? It’d likely be a print. Go grandma.

How much does a typical client invest in boudoir photography?

At 5th Boudoir, the average investment of post-photoshoot art is $2100. Visit the pricing page to see how to maximize your investment. The most popular products are enlargements (we are talking big wall art pieces measuring 20x30 inches or larger) and albums. My personal favorites are enlargements and glass photo boxes. Those gorgeous boxes look stunning as decor pieces on end tables, dressers, and vanities. Love love love.

where do I shop for lingerie?

There are great lingerie stores out there. Some are more pricey, some less. Client favorites are: H&M, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, and Calvin Klein. Some clients have also loved Adore Me and Agent Provocateur. For robes and kaftans, head over to Instagram and check out @MaryHadALittleLace. Just keep searching, there are so many amazing pieces out there. Don’t hesitate in thinking outside the box too. Chiffon skirts, off the shoulder items, silk, intricate rhinestones (not bedazzled crud, the really nice stuff, like JLo Oscars 2019 styles)…keep looking!

what if I have have trouble spots on my body?

Lady, your body tells a story. Be proud and bring it all. That said, we all have parts we favor and parts we don’t. That’s where I do my dream weaving. My skills plus a little bit of shadow and light play and we are in business.