Meet Steph kadlicko

5th boudoir steph owner

Ladies, I’m Steph and I’m here to show you I am an absolute expert in feminine beauty. There’s beauty everywhere in this world and I can’t claim ‘expert’ in it all, but the female form? Badass women? There’s a guru in the house, and she answers to the name of Steph

I specialize in feminine boudoir experiences - elevating already beautiful physical attributes through, to their ultimate form. Just like we eat, exercise, and live healthy lifestyles to achieve our peak form, at the studio we take all the beauty you were born with, emphasize the best parts, and showcase it in it’s most pristine form. I believe this is the flawlessly successful method to reshaping mindsets into positive, self-caring, self-loving, babe legends. We do not focus on the things we cannot change, we celebrate the countless more amazing aspects that need no change. We build confidence. We celebrate icons. We release the legend inside of you through absolutely stunning images. The best part? These images of YOU, will become your daily inspiration. How powerful is it to gain energy from yourself? To rely on nobody for a boost. To look at yourself and see that not only are you enough, not only are you beautiful…you are an icon.

My name is Steph Kadlicko and I’m here to show you that you are an icon - a real life babe legend. 


PS - No, Steph is definitely not a ballerina. #ballerinawannabe