“my boudoir experience was so much f*cking fun! i felt beyond glamOROUS and beautiful. 100% worth the investment. why don’t women do this more often? THIS IS GENIUS.”

The 5th Boudoir experience is for the legendary woman, what I call, the Babe Legend. The woman who is working on happiness. The woman that is working at life. The woman that wants to embrace exactly who she is. She understands her value and she doesn’t need a special occasion to celebrate everything she is. Some ladies do salons, some do spas, some do conferences. She does all of it, and tops it off with a photoshoot. Photo therapy. Modern imagery documenting her: a legend. An ICON. 

The iconic woman, wants to feel the power of looking at her image hanging in her wardrobe and use HERSELF as inspiration. She wants a beautiful portrait. It’s not for her partner (although a lovely bonus). It’s not for a special occasion. It’s for any occasion, because she is beautiful and deserves a way to capture herself at her best.

“I book my next cut and color while still standing in the salon. When I was done my photo shoot, I did the same. Session #2 is on the books.”

This is for the moms, the teachers, the corporate execs, the baristas, the vets, the doctors, the sisters, the daughters, the outgoing and the shy. This is for the ladies looking to self-love harder or for those who know what it means to love herself hard. This is for the woman who invests in herself. You are absolutely worth the investment.